Project activities

Identification, selection of the target group

  • 14 collaboration agreements signed with 14 high schools from Neamț and Suceava;
  • 480 students and 210 selected teachers;
  • 1 reserve list, 10% of each type of target group.

Elaboration of the study on the current situation regarding gender rights and equality, the issue of gender discrimination in Suceava and Neamț counties

Development of study with all stages and chapters of research and tools:

  • Analysis of secondary data detailed analysis of statistical data available for the 2 counties of normative acts and national and local measures;
  • Study methodology that will include research tools: questionnaire, interview grid;
  • Collection of field data by applying questionnaires and interviews;
  • Analysis of data from questionnaires and interviews, with the role of analyzing the perception of the target group on the current situation and potential solutions to combat discrimination and gender stereotypes;
  • Feedback from the target group after the counseling and awareness activities to see the impact of the project activities;
  • SWOT analysis on how situations of gender discrimination are managed, as well as how gender stereotypes are perpetuated in education.

Monitoring and advocacy for the implementation of policies and legislation on human rights and gender equality

  • Organizing four round table events in Neamț and Suceava, with the participation of min. 2 members of the local administration and min. 2 representatives of local human rights NGOs.

Organizing campaigns to raise awareness, address stereotypes and support / strengthen / extend positive changes in attitudes and practices related to Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence

  • Organizing two awareness events in Neamț and Suceava with the aim of raising awareness about stereotypes, gender discrimination, presentation and awarding of good practice initiatives in the project;
  • Competition for students and teachers from the 14 schools that consider successful initiatives in combating gender inequalities.

Carrying out education, training and personal development activities for students and teachers in the school, in order to adopt / strengthen / include in their activity a perspective of equal treatment

  • 480 students participating in personal development and group therapy sessions, in order to raise awareness of their feelings and emotions, improve self-esteem, develop personal skills, increase motivation, awareness of strengths and weaknesses to achieve effective self-promotion, deconstructing stereotypes and creating a safe space to discuss their problems and vulnerabilities in order to overcome and show solidarity in combating gender differences in education, condemning gender bias;
  • 480 individual development plans created in a dedicated online application;
  • 210 teachers (mainly teachers) participating in personal development and group therapy sessions, in order to later help students to discover their potential, to easily adapt to change and to communicate effectively.