About the Neamţ County School Inspectorate

Neamţ County School Inspectorate assumes its mission to modernize and optimize the quality of education, offering beneficiaries diversified educational alternatives in modern rural and urban schools. ISJ Neamţ acts to strengthen the lifelong learning process, the acquisition of key skills and good social inclusion, respecting the principle of equal opportunities and development of a knowledge-based society, in the current European context.

In Neamţ County, the School Inspectorate of Neamţ County:

  • ensures the application of the legislation in the organization, management and development of the educational process;
  • ensures the quality of education and compliance with national standards through school inspection;
  • establishes, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, school units of state education;
  • ensures, together with the local public administration authorities, the schooling of students during compulsory education;
  • coordinates the staffing of educational units with teaching staff;
  • organizes and guides the training activity of the pre-university education staff;
  • coordinates and controls the activity of the connected units.

For the School Inspectorate of Neamţ County, being in the service of the community is an obligation and an assumed attitude. We also consider that the transparency of the decisions and actions for which we are responsible is meant to ensure a better mutual knowledge between the two poles of the act of education: the school and the student with his family.

For more information about ISJ Neamț please visit  www.isjneamt.ro.