About the GO-AHEAD Association

GO-AHEAD Association is a non-governmental organization established in August 2017 whose Mission is to make a change at educational level (equal opportunities for education, social inclusion, increasing the quality of the educational act). As an authorized training, information and professional counseling provider, GO-AHEAD Association supports PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and proposes an INNOVATIVE CONCEPT to improve educational, professional and personal results.
We actively promote quality education emphasizing the importance of developing socio-emotional skills and integrating technology into the formal and non-formal educational process through training activities dedicated to adults, teachers and future counselors, respectively through counseling activities and the development of socio-emotional skills. dedicated to children.
We approach seriously and professionally the projects we develop and implement:

  • continuous professional training for adults and teachers
  • coaching and personal development for pupils, students, parents, teachers
  • counseling, career guidance for children, young people and adults
  • adult vocational training to become Personal Development Counselors

Our children and young people will be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century with mentors, parents and dedicated teachers with a solid professional background.
Change the educational level (equal opportunities in education, social inclusion, increasing the quality of the educational act) through training activities and activities of counseling and development of socio-emotional skills.
GO-AHEAD Association VALUES:
Through the activities proposed by us we demonstrate that we have adapted to the current period and we want to persevere in order to share our Vision to as many people as possible. Through Collaboration, Communication and Technology Integration we want to inspire those in the education system.
Consistent and lifelong learning for children and adults.
Social development - Passion - Responsibility
Integrity - Equity - Innovation - Authenticity
For more information about the GO-AHEAD Association, please visit  www.go-ahead.ro.